Food and water Safety

Safe Food and Water in Safe Community

Round Table


13.30 -15.00 h

October, 12th

Second floor, Room C



Dr Veselina Radanov Pelagic



Food safety is the shared responsibility of all actors in the food chain, and regional and international cooperation are a lesson learned together and a realistic concept for the food safety in each community.


This Round Table will address the topic of food safety and how to reduce the risk of contamination of food with harmful substances that endanger public health.


The foreseen outcomes of this session aim to increase knowledge about the approach to ensuring safe food, on human right to safe and nutritious quality food, on the challenges of food insecurity in our food system and how they are being met at the national and international level.


The Round Table brings together experts to discuss technology, transparency and communication in the production and supply chain for food products at the time of an upgraded recall of which there is daily information. Several issues are planned:


  • What are the challenges in applying new regulations from the point of view of policy makers and regulatory authorities on food safety, prevention of diseases caused by harmful contamination and the return of such food?
  • What can consumers do to create changes in food safety in their communities?
  • Technology and policy play a key role in ensuring a safe food, how can they help each other?
  • How do meat and milk processors need to understand consumer expectations with more and more food recalls?


From this 23.rd International Safe Communities Conference, we should bring an important message that will make this topic useful and sustainable, because food safety is a prerequisite for total economic growth for each country, because it is not a threat to it but a gain for every one of its communities. Reducing the risk of illness caused by harmful food is the imperative of public health in any safe community.