How to get to Novi Sad by plane

Airport ”Nikola Tesla” (Belgrade, BEG) is 70 kilometers distant. About your tickets, you can ask in tourist agency International line ( or representatives of the company you have chosen to fly with to Belgrade. You can, also, choose among any local tourist or flight agencies.

There are no direct buses from the airport. All the information necessary, considering the transfer from the airport ”Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade to Novi Sad you can get the tourist agency International line  ( The fixed prices for private transfers (€ 40) for a private car.



How to get to Novi Sad by train

Novi Sad is one of the stops of the international train Vienna-Budapest Belgrade-Istanbul. For any information on railway departures from Novi Sad you can ask in tourist agency International line (  or search at or directly at the train station: Boulevard of Jasa Tomic 6, Novi Sad.



How to get to Novi Sad by bus

There is also a bus station in the city, which is the terminal for very frequent departures and arrivals in international and intercity traffic. Information about buses you can ask in tourist agency International line ( or search at, or directly at the bus station: Boulevard of Jasa Tomic 6, Novi Sad.



How to get to  Novi Sad by car

Thanks to its excellent position on the Danube River and the crossroad of main roads, Novi Sad is linked to surrounding places and towns in a very good manner. It is situated alongside the main highway E-75, and the highway E-70 is about 70 kilometers (43miles) away in the south, towards Belgrade. Border crossings with Hungary are: Bački Breg (120 km i.e.75 miles), Kelebija (120 km i.e. 75 miles) and Horgoš (118 km i.e. 73 miles distant)Border crossings with Croatia are: Bezdan (112 km = 69 miles), Batrovci (90 km = 55 miles) and Bačka Palanka (40 km = 24 miles distant). Border crossings with Romania are: Srpska Crnja (101km = 62 miles), Vatin (129 km = 80 miles) and Kaludjerovo via Belgrade (199km =123miles distant). Border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sremska Rača is 88 kilometers (54 miles) far away from Novi Sad.



How to get to  Novi Sad by boat

Considering the fact that Novi Sad is situated on the banks of the Danube River, there is the possibility of coming to the city by boat. So far, only the cruising arrangements are developed.



How to get to  Novi Sad by bicycle

Alongside the Danube, spreads the cycling path called EuroVelo 6. This path connects Novi Sad and Belgrade with Hungarian border curving beside the Danube. Furthermore, in Novi Sad, there are cycling paths along the most main- roads.

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